It’s really heartening


It’s been less than a week since 3xpelliarmus has seen light, from your sunny room atop your desk (or are you reading this from your bed?) and just now, logging in to update you caring souls of my life, I saw this!



Now, don’t go sniggering at my childish joy, in the face of such seemingly trivial things. While the number of followers countable with the fingers on one hand may be nothing to write home about to proud writers of blogs with their thousands of followers, it really is an accomplishment to me. It is encouraging to know that my thoughts are treasured and you kind souls would like to understand this odd pariah a little more. For that, thank you. This goes a long way. I appreciate it. Merci~

Earlier, I read this insightful post by A Morning Grouch on The 5 Worst Things You Can Say To A Blogger and honestly, it was so relatable, I reached the last word of that entry thinking ‘Hey, I might not be the ultimate weirdo after all!’  But that obviously, will only ever be a dream.

Pertaining to the things bloggers secretly wish they never hear, it’s nice for me to never have been on the receiving end of them. However, while it gives ground to the old idiom that no news is good news, I would really treasure any feedback you’ve got on the odd wirings of my mind. Please share your thoughts with me, on this post, on the very first post, or simply any thing under the sun. Tell me about your workplace, or private space online. If you have a speech, voice it (kindly, though, please?:) ) Hehe, but whatever you’re thinking now, I welcome you to say.

Have an awesome day and write on! 🙂

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