Keeping the faith

Keeping the faith

If you happen to be like me, in awe that I am awake at 6.39 in the morning, listening to rain pelt the cement outside, don’t think that a miracle has occurred (and that my alarm clock has finally worked on me).

I’ll be honest with you, I had a nightmare.

Argh. There, I said it. The cause of this anomaly. The reason I see the sunrise, my first in the last decade. Why I am on my back on the silk covers of the couch. The justification for the tears dampening my pillow. The list of 101 nightmare consequences might take some time to stop, but I’ll conclude it here. In the mean time, please reassure me- that I’m not alone.

So here I am, seeking solace in my quiet online apartment after being chased out of my mum’s sleep zone and admiring an old photo. It’s nice to find peace in words, even if they expose your harried mind (and messy hair) after a few hours of shut-eye. Tell me about it.



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